Long Part CNC Machining

Unlike standard CNC machines, our long bed CNC equipment can machine aluminum profile sections up to 19 feet in length in one operation, dramatically reducing machining time.

Our newest investment, a KOMO XL Fusion 4 Axis twin spindle CNC machine center, supports longer length parts that require expert precision with work envelopes up to 60” x 144”. Additionally, vacuum integrated pallets eliminate the need to build custom fixtures for every job, and reduce new job setup times to under 30 minutes. And by using equipment that supports multiple pallet set-ups – rotating plates that support the work pieces – parts can be loaded and machined simultaneously, providing significant time savings to the production process, and lowering the cost for our customers.

Supporting our long parts machining capabilities is a custom-built quad head de-burring center which finishes lengths up to 108”.

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