Why Poor Aluminum Extrusion Handling Drives Up Your Product Cost

aluminum extrusion packing

As a designer, if you’re working with aluminum extrusions you’re spending considerable time choosing the appropriate alloy, reviewing the profile and making sure the final product is as cost effective as possible. However, there are other areas of a manufacturer’s fulfillment process, outside a designer’s control, that can impact product quality and time-to-market, as well as add to your product’s final cost. One  area is extrusion handling and packing.

Consider this scenario: Your order arrives at the loading dock, is unloaded and unpacked with great care and anticipation. But then you discover your carefully designed and manufactured aluminum extrusions have arrived damaged. The need to resolve the issue, perhaps by having the aluminum extrusion re-manufactured, causes frustration and raises concerns over how to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen again.

Unfortunately, poorly packed products are too often subject to damage in transit. An issue that adds cost and time to production, and creates unnecessary frustration for designers.

Fortunately, you can safeguard your extruded aluminum  parts and products from damage caused by poor handling and packaging by selecting an aluminum extrusion manufacturer who treats every step of the process from the quote to final delivery with meticulous precision.

Why You Want Automated Material Handling Equipment

Although mistakes are a reality of human-led processes, the occurrence of human error is minimized with automated processes. From damaged products to wasted materials, mistakes common in manual handling are thwarted with the introduction of automated machinery. At Vitex Extrusion, we recognize the high value of appropriate, secure and careful handling and packaging of our customers’ extruded aluminum designs. The use of state-of-the-art automated systems, such as overhead rack movement crane systems, extrusion stacking and de-stacking systems, pack and bundling systems, and stretch wrapping machines, is key to eliminating damage.

automated stacking machine
Automated profile stacking system
helps mitigate profile handling damage.
  • Overhead rack movement crane systems allow for smooth, direct-path transportation over obstacles so products are handled gently to minimize damage. In addition, overhead cranes allow for greater lifting heights than forklifts and facilitate more precise stacking of bundles which minimizes damage by allowing smooth, direct-path transportation over obstacles.
  • Extrusion stacking and de-stacking systems, versus commonly used manual packing process, mitigate profile handling damage by reducing the amount of handling profiles are subject to and increases packaging and logistic efficiency.
  • Pack and bundling systems create more uniform bundles which stack better for improved shipping and storage. These bundles are less prone to shifting and rubbing which protects the profiles from friction damage and protects the finish from being defaced.
  • Stretch wrapping machines wrap extrusion bundles in plastic from end to end to give complete protection to finished product. The plastic wrap that surrounds the bundles conforms to the bundles more tightly, creating a protective sheathe, reducing damage from friction in transit. The plastic used to wrap the bundles also has a memory that allows for multiple bundles to be stacked on top of each other without compromising the integrity of the bundles below. In addition, with plastic stretch wrapping fewer packaging materials are required in each bundle, such as side wood battens, top wood battens, steel strapping, and cardboard, which customers must pay to dispose of or recycle on their end.

Safeguard your aluminum extrusion products from costly damage caused by poor handling and packaging by choosing a manufacturer that uses state-of-the art packaging machines and treats every step of the process from the quote to final delivery with meticulous precision. If you’d like to learn more about how Vitex can save you money with our state-of-the-art aluminum extrusion handling and packing equipment, contact us today.