Benefits of High Efficiency Cooling System for Aluminum Extrusions

Vitex Extrusion utilizes a Presezzi HECS (High Efficiency Cooling System) high velocity aluminum profile quench system, which employs high pressure spray quenching and forced air cooling via independently controlled zones. This state-of-the-art technology provides Vitex with an enhanced capability to meet stringent customer demands requiring highest strength and hardness, outstanding machinability, closer shape tolerance control, and improved surface consistency after anodizing.

High Efficiency Cooling System

The 6m (20ft) long quench system rapidly quenches hot extrusions at the required rate to ensure optimum cooling is achieved, enabling higher strengths/hardness, ensuring best response during age hardening, and resulting in the highest, consistent properties and machinability. Rapid cooling avoids reheat on quench exit, overcoming surface finish irregularities often evident after anodizing resulting from subtle microstructural changes that result following sub-optimal cooling techniques.

The cooling, whether by water spray or air, is independently controlled in four longitudinal zones. Each zone has additional independent control to adjust flow of either water spray or air around the extrusion, ensuring even and distortion free cooling of any extrusion shape. After establishing optimum zone settings for any given extrusion die, the settings can be memorized and the recipe repeated each time a particular die is used, ensuring repeatability and product consistency.

The system is also energy efficient and designed with a unique combination of spray nozzles and forced air ducting, that for the same installed power can delivery 25% more quenching efficiency than other available systems.