Employee Spotlight: Vic Hasek, Senior Manufacturing Supervisor

Vic Hasek, Senior Manufacturing Supervisor

Vic Hasek jumped into manufacturing 17 years ago when construction work couldn’t provide the pay and stability he wanted. Thanks to a good friend and fellow Vitex employee, Vic joined the aluminum extrusion team and quickly moved up the ranks. In his current role as Senior Manufacturing Supervisor, he manages the people, machines and production… Read More »

Employee Spotlight: Steve Jackson, Director of Business Development

Steve Jackson, Director of Business Development

During his 25 years in the extrusion and fabrication industry, Steve Jackson has worked with a variety of companies serving the industrial, consumer, electronics and defense industries. Steve joined Vitex in August 2020 as Director of Business Development, offering customers a wealth of experience and his engineering background to help solve many of their complex… Read More »

Making Sense of Aluminum Extrusion Tempers

Aluminum Billets

When considering the use of extruded aluminum to solve a design problem, you should be familiar with aluminum alloys and tempers. Aluminum alloys are identified primarily by a series number— a four-digit code describing its metallurgical composition. For extruded aluminum, the most common series are 6000’s and 7000’s. The 6000 (Al-Mg-Si) series is the most… Read More »

Employee Spotlight: Mike Henderson, Director of Materials & Planning

Mike Henderson

Mike Henderson learned the aluminum extrusion business from the ground up. Having held a variety of positions during his 29 years with Vitex, he has a deep understanding of how all the various processes integrate to make a finished product. As our Director of Materials & Planning, Mike ensures we have the right amount of… Read More »

BIA Business Perspective: To NH Lawmakers — Tread Carefully On Energy Legislation

This session, the New Hampshire Legislature is pursuing policies that will — alarmingly — add to the cost of electricity and require subsidies from businesses, including Vitex, and residential ratepayers like you. These policies make it difficult for manufacturers, who drive the state’s economy like no other sector, to grow our companies here in New Hampshire.