Tour Our Manufacturing Facility

Vitex Extrusion operates from a modern 115,000 square ft. facility located on a 26-acre campus in Franklin, NH. Since acquired by the current leadership team in 2007, $18.5 million has been invested in the latest aluminum extrusion technology, automated handling, and downstream machining and fabrication equipment to provide our customers with the most efficient production and rapid response capabilities.

Interested in seeing our aluminum extrusion manufacturing process? Contact us to schedule a tour. We take great pride in operating a leading extrusion manufacturing plant.

Extrusion Press Billet Loading
In addition to two extrusion presses, we are equipped with a state-of-the-art Presezzi HECS high velocity, multi-sided air and water quench system.

automated staking machines
Automated extrusion stacking systems mitigate profile handling damage by reducing the amount of handling profiles are subject to.

Automated wrapping machine
Stretch wrapping machine wraps extrusion bundles in plastic from end to end to give complete protection to finished product.

Vitex is equipped with more than a dozen different CNC machining, sawing and deburring machines.