Committed to the Highest Quality Assurance Standards

Producing extruded aluminum components that consistently meet our customers’ form, fit, function, and aesthetic requirements and are delivered on time is imperative to our aluminum extrusions and manufacturing business. At Vitex Extrusion, our long-term business relationships are not built on commercially acceptable quality standards, but rather on our commitment to providing our customers with the highest standard of quality and reliability for aluminum extruded products, fabrication and CNC machining services.

Our capabilities have been enhanced with the recent addition of the IM-6225 Image Dimension Measurement System from Keyence. The unit performs hundreds of measurements with a single scan, enabling us to ensure consistent measurement of extruded profiles. What previously took our engineers 30 minutes to perform, can now be conducted in seconds. With the time savings, we will be able to perform more quality checks throughout the production process. Measurement results are automatically recorded and immediate feedback on production trends and variations are given to our engineers so they can prevent quality problems before they start.

Vitex Extrusions’ Ongoing Quality Assurance Efforts:

  • Relentless focus on understanding and fulfilling dynamic requirements.
  • QMS implemented and maintained per ISO 9001:2015 guidelines.
  • Data-driven management information systems.
  • Real-time plant floor reporting systems.
  • Continuous, specialized staff training.
  • Operational audit programs.
  • Automated quality check systems

View Vitex Extrusion’s ISO 9001:2015 Certification