About Our Aluminum Extrusion Team

Vitex Extrusion Team“Yankee ingenuity” and strong work ethic keep our manufacturing operations humming!

New England is home to some of the finest colleges and technical schools in the country and its population offers a large pool of educated, skilled and reliable people. Vitex Extrusion has built a company culture around the ideas of “Yankee ingenuity” and hard work. Our dedicated staff of highly-trained individuals remains the lifeblood of our company. Our people are chosen specifically for their skills and “can do” attitude. Enthusiastic and engaged employees come to work prepared to produce.

Our employees are committed to the highest standards of quality in all we do – from manufacturing to protecting the environment. In the final analysis, customers choose Vitex Extrusion because of its people. Their quality workmanship and vigorous attention to detail add value to all of our business relationships.

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