In House Machining Capabilities

CNC machining
Producing aluminum extrusions is only part of the expanding Vitex Extrusion story. In addition to our new world-class extrusion line, we have been continually investing in high-speed machining centers designed to minimize total Takt time for hi-production, 3, 4 & 5 axis requirements. All our machining centers feature multi modes of operation which allow for parts to be loaded and set up in one cell while concurrently machining parts in the second cell.

Vitex Extrusion also provides long bed” 3, 4, & 5 axis machining. This not commonly available in-house capability is a major competitive advantage to our customers whose products require large scale machined components. Our long bed machining capabilities enable aluminum profile sections up to 19 feet in length to be processed in a single operation.

Complimenting our expanding machining capabilities is continuous investments into latest technology hi-production precision aluminum saws, dual head miter saws and lineal and vibratory de-burring systems.

Integrated Aluminum Manufacturing Solutions

Many of our customers in multiple industries are now leveraging the combination of our modern extrusion and in-house machining capabilities to their competitive advantage. Our Integrated Aluminum Manufacturing Solutions approach is responsive, nimble and rapidly scalable for fulfilling component production, complete product manufacturing or total supply chain management.

Critical to the success of any supply chain strategy is to identify opportunities for outsourcing while focusing on your core business. Vitex Extrusion offers a fully encompassing option for the outsourcing of aluminum component manufacturing.  With this approach, we take on the challenging aspects of manufacturing and fulfillment of logistical requirements while our customers appreciate the simplicity of our method for planning an effective contract manufacturing strategy. Our integrated solutions approach is modular and quickly adaptable to customized requirements. Team Vitex has the expertise to help assure that you and your customers will get the manufacturing results you want.

Our customers successfully utilize one, several or more of the services Vitex provides:

  • Profile/product design
  • Component manufacturing
  • Aluminum Extrusion
  • CNC Machining
  • Finishing
  • Component assembly
  • Packaging
  • Full distribution and logistical support

Whether it’s reducing Takt times in manufacturing, machining large scale parts in-house or pre-assembling and packaging for direct shipments to central distribution points, the Vitex integrated manufacturing approach can be your company’s linchpin for selected productions needs.

Vitex Invested to Help Your Business Grow

Vitex Extrusion is pleased to announce some great news for our aluminum extrusions and fabricated products customers. We recently invested big time in a new aluminum extrusion production line that has doubled our annual output capacity. This move assures our customers that we will unquestionably meet their manufacturing demands.

Having strategic excess capacity shifts the service paradigm from reacting to and gearing up for sudden demand spikes to one of anticipating and fulfilling sharp up-ticks without any increases in lead times. Getting products to market without delay is vital to our customer’s ability to remain competitive and viable. Vitex has taken a huge step in assuring customers that our manufacturing operations will keep pace with increased market demands.

World Class Manufacturing – Franklin, NH

Vitex Aluminum Extruder PressOur new 2,750 ton, state-of-the-art front-loading aluminum extrusion press incorporates the latest industry technologies. The design and manufacture of the new production line was a collaboration of press maker PRESEZZI Extrusion and Granco Clark Systems, who supplied the furnace, hot saw and all back-end handling system components. Working under a 24-7 schedule, the project team successfully completed the installation in seventy seven days, with the pushing of the press line’s first billet on November 17, 2011. A full production shift was initiated on December 17, 2011. A second production shift was added on January 9, 2012. We are now running around the clock and remain poised to meet the most demanding order timelines.

How high can we jump for you?

Vitex manufacturing teamThe corporate culture at Vitex revolves around an intense commitment to the customer is our boss. It’s summed up this way:  “Delivering exceptional quality – in the time frame needed – means everything to our customers and those customers mean everything to us.” The Vitex team remains our key asset in maximizing customer satisfaction. Everyone working at Vitex Extrusion is here because they want to be part of a great manufacturing company.  Employee pride results in better value for our customers – which in turn will sustain mutually steady business growth.

Intelligent Optimism

Vitex Extrusion is fervently committed to supporting our customers’ business plans to win big in both the short term and long haul. Our manufacturing operations for extruding aluminum profiles and processing into finished components will continue to be enhanced with higher productivity assets, via our ongoing commitment to allocate capital to new equipment investments. The continued expansion of services we offer will translate into furthering the value we can add to each customer’s efforts to meet their business objectives.