Aluminum Extrusions for the Electric Vehicle Industry

EV battery housing

At about one-third the weight of steel per cubic foot, aluminum is now the metal of choice in a range of automotive parts. For electric vehicles, aluminum components dominate – chassis, body (body-in-white, doors, hoods and trunk lids, bumpers and crash boxes), wheels, and housings for motors and electric batteries.

For both EV car and charging station housings, which must provide thermal transfer capabilities to keep the battery cool or keep it warm in cold weather, aluminum is an excellent choice. In fact, according to AluMag, some 45% of charging station producers use aluminum extrusions for housings.

Aluminum is also being used in brake components, in order to boost the braking efficiency of EVs. The metal is an excellent heat conductor, which means brake heat created is quickly dispersed, while also offering sufficient wear-resistance.

Why Work with Vitex?

With over 20 years’ experience extruding and fabricating aluminum components for the transportation industry, Vitex Extrusion is your ideal manufacturing partner. Whether you’re producing new parts or redesigning existing components using aluminum extrusions, or simply need a new partner to manufacture and supply your existing components, Vitex Extrusion offers the expertise and capabilities you need. We help Electric Vehicle industry manufacturers and product designers:

  • Design for Extrusion (DFE) to fine-tune their EV component designs to achieve optimal cost and performance requirements
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) to determine the most cost-effective fabrication, finishing and assembly techniques
  • Decrease costs by providing both extrusion, manufacturing, assembly and supply chain support under one roof

For EV industry manufacturers and OEMs looking for a true strategic partner with a proven track record supplying world-class, precision aluminum extrusions, look no further than Vitex Extrusion.