Aluminum Extrusions for the Electronics Industry

Extruded aluminum products are used in a number of electrical and electronic appliances. Given its unique electric and thermal conductivity properties, custom aluminum extrusions are often used for motor housings, high‑dissipation heat sinks and interior frames. In some cases, the complete product casing is designed using aluminum, as can be found with many laptops, the Apple iPhone and iPad and HDTVs.

With over 15 years’ experience supporting the electronics industry, Vitex Extrusion is the ideal partner to help you with your electrical and electronic products. Whether you’re entering the market with a new product, or in need of a new partner to manufacturer and supply your existing components, Vitex Extrusion offers the expertise and capabilities you need to power your business to the next level. We help electronics industry manufacturers and product designers:

  • Fine tune their designs to achieve optimal cost and performance requirements
  • Select the best alloy and temper for their product to meet all requirements
  • Determine most cost effective fabrication techniques and tolerancing requirements
  • Decrease their costs by providing both design assistance, manufacturing and fabrication under one roof
  • Reduce their overhead with custom assembly and supply programs

For electronics industry companies looking for a true strategic partner with a proven track record supplying world-class, precision aluminum extrusions, look no further than Vitex Extrusion.

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