Protecting Vital Components with Aluminum Extrusions

aluminum extrusion housingPound for pound, aluminum is one of the strongest, most durable materials available. It is ideal for making shields and housings for machinery components, construction fittings and all kinds of electronics. Aluminum can be extruded easily so virtually any kind of hollowed housing can be pressed and fabricated from it. For industrial applications, aluminum extrusions are often the best bet for protecting vital moving parts as well as shielding against dangerous exposures, either to the moving parts themselves or to avoid injury of the people in proximity to them.

The list of benefits for using extruded aluminum in shields, enclosures and housings applications are myriad and we’ll examine of few of the major ones here. Let’s start with something every manufacturer can appreciate; high quality at low cost.

Aluminum is Abundant

It is the world’s most abundant metal. Only behind oxygen and silicon, aluminum is among the most abundant materials in the earth’s crust. It is most commonly extracted from bauxite ore, of which worldwide reserves are sufficient to meet our needs for several centuries. Aluminum is extremely recyclable as well. Combine these facts and there will always be plenty of it.

Extruding Aluminum is Highly Efficient

Once a mold is created, extrusions can be pressed and stretched to extremely long lengths very quickly, multiplying huge volumes of individual sections to be cut and finished.

Aluminum Profiles Can Be Machined and Fabricated Faster

Precision custom profiles have the hollowed shape largely complete coming out of the extruder press so enclosures require less fabricating. CNC machining can be performed fast with less set up and actual machining time.

Beyond speed to market and lower costs, aluminum extrusion housings are very strong as well as highly conductive. This makes them ideal for protecting vital mechanical and electrical components. Heat sink fins can be “built in” as part of the mold. Aluminum punching can easily create airways or vents in the walls of the finished enclosures.

A partial list of extruded aluminum enclosure applications includes:

  • Cable and wire management
  • Architectural Fittings
  • IT system enclosures
  • Energy & utility housings
  • Automotive wiring & electric motors
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Safety shields
  • Food and beverage containment
  • Office furniture systems
  • CNC spindles
  • Military components
  • Battery enclosures

The range of applications for extruded aluminum enclosures, shields and housings has no real limits. The availability of precision molds, complex machining processes and custom finishing methods only expands the potential uses along with creativity in engineering and design

Vitex offers the unique ability to work with manufacturing executives, designers and specifiers to deliver products faster to their markets. We have nimble capabilities to scale and flex our operations according to our customers’ demands for precision aluminum extrusions, machined components and assemblies.