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Our resource library offers several free informative guides, technical data sheets, and helpful information for you to download and use. Click on a resource below for more information.

7 Decisions that Increase Die Tooling Costs

Aluminum Extrusion Design: 7 Decisions that Increase Your Die Tooling Costs

Detailed guide addresses seven factors that impact the cost of an extrusion die and offers tips to save time and money.

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6 Extrusion Design Mistakes

Aluminum Extrusion Design: 6 Mistakes Designers Make & How to Avoid Them

Save time and money by avoiding these six common design issues aluminum extrusion manufacturers see on new profile designs.

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5 Ways to Reduce Product Costs

5 Ways to Reduce Your Manufactured Product Costs

Insights on five effective ways product manufacturers can reduce costs and improve their bottom lines.

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3 LED Design Challenges

3 Toughest LED Lighting Design Challenges Solved Using Aluminum Extrusions

Read how aluminum extrusions can help LED lighting designers & manufacturers build more reliable, efficient & cost effective fixtures.

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Should You Make Your Products

Should YOU Manufacturer Your Product? 5 Questions to Ask

Five helpful questions to help you determine whether manufacturing in-house or outsourcing makes sense for your business.

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AEC Design Manual 2018

AEC Aluminum Extrusion Manual v4.2

Comprehensive 146-page guide includes design advice and details on alloys, finishings and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.

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Die Tooling Cost Video

Video: 7 Design Decisions That Increase Your Aluminum Extrusion Die Tooling Costs

Based on our popular guide of the same name, this 14-minute video reviews the key decisions that can dramatically impact die tooling costs and lead times.


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Webinar: 6 Mistakes Designers Make When Designing Aluminum Extrusions & How to Avoid Them

Our AEC webinar provides a deep dive into six common design issues aluminum extrusion manufacturers see on new profile designs and what designers can do to avoid them.


Aluminum Billets

Comprehensive Aluminum Extrusion Temper Guide

When considering the use of extruded aluminum, designers should be familiar with aluminum alloys and tempers. Here is a complete list of tempers.


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