Laser Machining for Aluminum Extrusions

We are excited to announce we now offer laser machining technology, expanding our value-added downstream manufacturing capabilities. With this new system, customers can expect faster processing and reduced production cost for their aluminum tubes and custom profiles.

In the past, multi-machine featured extruded aluminum profiles required several machining steps, heavy tooling investments and high production cost. Today, new laser technology can replace the need for multiple processing actions, including cutting, machining, drilling, and punching, with a single laser operation. These lasers can be used to cut shapes and features that can’t be made with other methods, may require extensive CNC cycle times or multiple punch tooling investments.

Laser machines can also cut extruded aluminum shapes and features faster than traditional CNC machines dramatically reducing processing time for extruded profiles. Check out this video to see these lasers in action.

Contact us today to learn more about our laser machining and aluminum extrusion operations.

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