Long Part CNC Machining

When does a project need a long part CNC machine?

Long part CNC machines are designed with larger work envelopes to process profiles up to 12 feet in a single operation, dramatically reducing machining time and cost.

Many industries, including specialty storage systems, medical equipment, automotive accessories, furniture, building & construction, and sporting goods, work with aluminum extrusions greater than 50 inches. Using more common-sized vertical CNC machining centers for parts this large can be accomplished but will require additional handling, fixturing, and machine setups.

This is because the part is larger than the machine’s work envelope. The workaround is to machine the part in multiple sections. When more fixturing, programming, and set-up time are needed, cycle times get longer and issues with feature accuracy from part to part occur. Additionally, the common size CNC machines have a weight limit that a long part and additional fixturing can exceed.

At Vitex, we have six machining centers with work envelope capabilities up to 144 inches (12 feet). We also offer laser milling for parts up to 288 inches (24 feet).

Vitex Long Part CNC Machine Centers

(2) Haas 712 Gantry 60” x 144”
(1) Haas 510 Gantry 60” x 120”
(1) Haas GM2 Gantry 60” x 144”
(1) Haas VF 10 VMC 16” x 120”
(1) Komo XL Fusion Twin Spindle Gantry 60” x 144”
Trumpf 5000 Tube Laser 8” (O.D.) x 288”

To support our long parts machining capabilities, we have a custom-built, quad head de-burring center that finishes lengths up to 108 inches and a Hexagon fully-automated coordinate measuring system with X-axis capabilities up to 118 inches.

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