Aluminum Component Kitting, Assembly & Supply Chain Solutions

By offering competitive rates and integrating our “upstream” aluminum extrusion manufacturing business with “downstream” component kitting, assembly, packaging, and shipping services, Vitex Extrusion brings you added value, efficiency, and cost savings. In fact, we have helped streamline many of our customers’ supply chain operations by assuming partial or, in some cases, complete manufacturing responsibilities for specific components or product lines.

Supply Chain Solutions

If you’re sourcing multiple components or products from several suppliers, we can often provide cost savings and efficiency you won’t find from other manufacturers. Depending on your requirements, we can support various partial or finished component assemblies, as well as pre-assembly kitting and on-demand assembly of kits. This can include packaging your product with custom labels, instructions and other items as required, then sending directly to your distributors.

To ensure we deliver consistent quality for our customers, we assemble all products in a controlled environment and use Kanban management strategies along with relevant testing and inspection systems.


  • Custom, mechanical assembly systems.
  • Single, multi-level and configurable bill-of-materials (BOM) assemblies.
  • Customized kitting and component packaging.
  • Kanban programs.
  • Third party supply chain logistical management.
  • Regional, national and international delivery.